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This conceptual design of Wau School Project envisioned by the Balanda Community Association in the United States is a K-8 School campus for one thousand (1000) students to be built in Wau, South Sudan.  Except for a few Catholics missionary schools built at the turn of a twentieth century all of which closed in 1950s due to civil wars, no new schools have been built in the Balanda Community in South Sudan in over a century.  Moreover, one of the barriers to providing education has been and still is the complete lack of basic durable school facilities within which the very act of education is to take place.  The Wau School Project is the first major attempt ever by the Balanda people to address the need for education in their community, which at this moment, does not have a single functional primary, intermediate, or secondary schools.
The Wau School Project has been conceived to be built in phases with phase one to include six class rooms, an administration building, a library, a health clinic, and a cafeteria.  The project is also designed to be fully sustainable with future electricity generation from PV panels, clean water, a latrine system, and a waste management and composting program.  To accomplish this strategic goal, the association has retained the architectural and consulting services of the following firms: 
Hangar-41 :  The Balanda Community Association has signed a contract agreement with Hangar-41 architectural firm and its talented designing team in Denver, Colorado to take a lead role in coordinating with all consultants to ensure that the school project design intent is followed all the way through construction documentation. Learn more about Hangar-41 at http://www.hangar41.com
Studio NYL, a Boulder, Colorado based structural engineering firm known for its national and international “exemplary” engineering design “skills”, will be responsible for all structural engineering services and deliverables required by the project scope. Learn more about Studio NYL at: http://www.studionyl.com
M/E Engineers will be responsible for all electrical and mechanical/plumbing engineering services as defined by the project scope.  They include lighting design, power, and data for all buildings to be constructed in Phase One of the school project.
Engineers Without Borders (EWB)-South Denver Professional Chapter, whose mission is to support community-based development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, will be responsible for providing an engineering master plan for self-contained sewage system and water delivery system to collect, store, purify, and deliver clean drinking potable water for the schoolThe services of EWB are based on volunteer work. For more about EWB visit: http://www.ewbdenver.org/beta

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