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Mr. Sabah G. Kodi, the President of the Balanda Community Association, Inc.

My sincere greetings to you all wherever you are in USA, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere. This is my first public official letter to you. Even though it comes late, it is never too late as goes the say “late is better that never”.  I deeply feel that one of my core duty as a President of the Balanda community association, Inc. USA is to address the challenges and other issues that facing our community here in USA or back home. Moreover, to keep our community united, living, and working in harmony as my predecessor handed over to me, there for I apologize on behalf of my office that I truly failed to communicate with you since I took the office nine months ago. Moreover, failed to use the Balanda community platform to get the messages out to you in a time manner, I again I want to express my sincere apologies to you. Brothers and sisters, our community is fine, the community that you love, and you are proud to be a member of is doing fine. Because I have faith in every one of you. I believe that every one of us have an obligation to do his/her part in order to make our community strong and great. Brothers and sisters, the Balanda Conference is coming in May 25-26, 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska. This conference will be exceptional, and many surprises. I urge and encourage your full participation the conference this historically exceptional. The information regarding the conference venue and hotel reservation will be made available to you as soon as we finalize and signed the contracts.  Last, but not least. I want to take this opportunity to invite you my fellow Balanda worldwide, whether in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany to come to the conference. Please come, bring your family! Make sure to call and invite your brothers and sisters to join us in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We look forward to seeing you all there.  Thank you and God bless you.

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