BCA Wau West School Project Underway.

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The school project is the first major undertaking by the Balanda people to address the need for education in their community in the Republic of South Sudan, which at this moment, does not have the single operational primary, intermediate, and secondary schools.

To accomplish this strategic goal, the association has contracted with Hangar-41 architectural firm in Denver, Colorado to design and construct twenty five (25) classrooms college preparatory primary and intermediate school (two schools in one) academic complex for one thousand students (1000) grade one through eight in Wau, South Sudan. This amounts to forty students (40) per classroom. It is important to note that the school project itself will be carried out in six phases with phase one of the project to include six classrooms, an administration building, cafeteria, library, bookstore, storage facility, a clinic, and water tank. The association plans to start with six classes or two hundred and forty students (240) and increase the size of the school in terms of number of new students by two classes or eighty students (80) each year until the school is at its full capacity of one thousand students in eleven years from now. The goal is to start small at first and then grow the school each year over the next one decade.

Here are some recent developments underway:

  • The Balanda Community Association purchased land for the school project last year in Wau,South Sudan;
  • written funding proposal for the school project; developed website for the association;
  • registered in twelve states includingWashingtonStatein order to solicit funds online and organize fundraising events; launched online fundraising drive;
  • Contracted with Hangar-41 architectural firm and Engineers Without Borders Denver South Chapter to design and develop complete blueprints for the school project.  Construction documents for the project are due to be delivered in December 2011.
  • In October 2012, the association and a team of engineers from Hangar-41 and Engineers Without Borders (EWB) will be traveling to Wau, South Sudan to do survey, site analysis, soil study, assess availability of local building materials, and solicit local community support for the project.  The goal is to begin the construction in November 2012.         

Current Challenges

  • The Balanda Community Association, Inc is a community–funded Association that relies on the financial support of individuals, business and members like you. The association’s biggest need at this time is that we are far behind a target goal of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($450,000.00) between now and October 2012 in order to begin phase one construction of the school project in November 2012, which will include six classrooms, an administration building, cafeteria, library, bookstore, a storage facility, and water tank.

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